Photos of the Chapel

Note:  We’ll be adding photos and videos soon as we can!

We would like to say that while we call this special room “The Chapel”, it is and it isn’t.  A lot has to do with the history of Cambria and of The Flying V from days gone by.

When this building and facility was originally built in the 1920’s, the surrounding community was known as Cambria, a “company town” of the Cambria Fuel Company, a coal mining operation from the late 1800’s until 1928, when the mining of coal ended.  During the era of the time, fraternal organizations were strong and were the mainstay of a community’s social life.  As such, when this building was built its purpose was to cater to the needs of the community and population of the time.  So one aspect was to create a special room for local fraternal organizations to meet, as well as be a place to hold meaningful events.

Therefore, this room was given stained glass windows and furnishings (original to this day) depicting the importance of fraternal organizations and that of the local history of its people, miners of coal.  While there were no specific Christian pieces of art or deco incorporated, the room was to inspire reverence and devotion, even to the inclusion of a balcony as found in most churches of the time, past and present.

With this in mind, today we call it “The Chapel”, to honor those who came before respecting their beliefs and traditions, gaining insight and admiration of their ethics, hard work, hopes and dreams for a better future for us, their posterity.  To that end, we reserve this special room with its history and significance for meaningful events and celebrations.

It’s how they intended it.  And we agree.

Larry & Twylla



About The Flying V Lodge

The Flying V is a premier hunting lodge located on the edge of the Black Hills, just 8 miles north of Newcastle, Wyoming and is open during June through November every year.

Originally built in the 1920's, it is truly an authentic lodge built of wood and stone with open hearth fireplaces and decor to match.  It's not a small lodge either, it's huge with all the amenities and old world atmosphere hunters love and appreciate.  We also have onsite game processing and taxidermy.

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