Flying V History

The Birth of The Flying V

In the early 1920’s, the Cambria Fuel Company (see History of Cambria) recognized the need to have an appropriate facility to host company events, as well as be suitable and accessible to the community to hold meetings and gatherings in a park-like setting.  The inside of the building would be spacious and accommodating for every need – and the outside amenities would be made to hold company and community picnics and other events.  Hence, the original name was given and known by as the “Cambria Casino Park”.

Cambria Casino Park ~ circa 1930's

Cambria Casino Park ~ circa 1930’s

Vision became reality when construction started in 1923 for the new facility, and five years later it was completed in 1928 – at a cost of $250,000.  The facility was built in a European Tudor style, replete with custom stone walls supplied from local quarries.  Shortly after the completion of the building, two major events occurred that changed the course of its future history.  First, was the closing of the Cambria Fuel Company and the coal mine.  Next in 1929, was the crash of the the stock market.  The Great Depression had begun…

The Cambria Fuel Company’s property was sold off in pieces.  The property originally known as the Cambria Casino Park was sold and eventually through the years, the property was acquired by the Napolitano family and has been in the family ever since.  Larry Napolitano grew up with his father owning and running the property and eventually took over the family business because of his appreciation for what it represented – Family and local roots, including a great history behind it.  Then comes along Twylla, the love of Larry’s life who later becomes his wife.  (A poet and didn’t even know it…)

The Flying V Lodge today

The Flying V Lodge today

Long Story Short

The Flying V Lodge today is the place to get away for that perfect Bed & Breakfast on the edge of the Black Hills of Dakota and Wyoming.  It’s also known as the place Hunter’s love to stay for it’s old world charm and warmth when waking up at O’dark thirty to head out to find the big game, then bag it and tag it before heading back to the Lodge to warm their bones before the Lodge’s fireplace, then enjoy a great meal and favorite beverage while telling stories of the one that didn’t get away…  (While Larry and crew are busy processing and packaging the game to get it ready to be transported or shipped back home.)



About The Flying V Lodge

The Flying V is a premier hunting lodge located on the edge of the Black Hills, just 8 miles north of Newcastle, Wyoming and is open during June through November every year.

Originally built in the 1920's, it is truly an authentic lodge built of wood and stone with open hearth fireplaces and decor to match.  It's not a small lodge either, it's huge with all the amenities and old world atmosphere hunters love and appreciate.  We also have onsite game processing and taxidermy.

Weather at The Flying V

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